Moral Contradictions

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Oy... this is getting difficult

I work at a boot store in the town of Quantico, VA. Quantico is unique as it's surrounded on three sides by the Marine Corps base and another by the Potomac River and Maryland. Technically it's an incorporated town that's part of the county, yet it's not attached. Thus, we have the highest per capita of barbershops in the country as the town's main customers are Marines.

I am up there three days a week... every day new 2nd Lt's come through... Iraq/Afghanistan war veterans walk through... some say "I need boots now because I'm shipping out Saturday". I think the highest rank I've seen walk in is a Colonel from the Pentagon... so yeah, tons of Marines come through that door.

So I cringe when I read that seven Marines die in one day in Iraq, supposedly after the "war" is over. I wonder if I've briefly met them... these guys are my age... oy.

Yes I can't deny war is good for business... but I'm tired of war. I pray when the history books are written, their sacrifice won't be in vain.


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