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Monday, August 15, 2005

A simple question

My father is a "moderate conservative" and impressed in me the mantra "not to rely on the government". Don't rely on the government for your retirement, for health insurance, for food... I would add nowadays don't rely on the government to protect your land after the Kelo decision. To question any of that bordered socialism, which for many is too close to communism and to perish the thought. Recently even President Bush has launched a "self-reliant" campaign. For the most part, most of us would like to be able to take care of ourselves without anybody's help.

So why do so many religious conservatives rely on the government to bring about God's Kingdom?

Isn't that the church's job? Has the church lost its influence that we need to focus on politics to save us? Isn't politics naturally corrupting anyways? Are we, the church, simply passing the buck? How much time and money has been spent on these Justice Sundays and all the religious 'get out the vote' campaigns and groups to back certain Supreme Court nominees?

Sure that stuff is important, but we as a church have lost our focus. At the very least we're turning off a lot of would-be Christians who look at the vitrol being spewed out and write us off as wack-jobs.

I pray, just like they did in the Simpson's last night (Bart and Homer turns Catholic, Marge and the Protestants won't have it, huge fight, then "why do we fight over the stupid small things we disagree on when we can work together on the stupid big things we agree with?") that we can get over our differences and work to further God's Kingdom through the church.

Cuz that's Biblically based.


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