Moral Contradictions

Friday, August 19, 2005


Well, after 3 straight days of early mornings, tons of packing, moving, and painting, along with very late nights, I'm at work all day today. I look forward to assisting my wife as she runs the lock-in tonight... we then get about an hour and a half of downtime before we turn around and go to Raleigh to visit family. Luckily, we're riding along as opposed to driving. So yeah, this week can be found in the dictionary under Crazy.

I dropped this entry to a personal note to recognize my wife, who is amazing. Closing on our house was scheduled this week thinking she would be done with her August Greek class - we were a week off. So in the midst of preparing for a final while having to plan a lock-in (which was scheduled before she was hired as the Youth and Children's Minister), not to mention a huge life-changing event like moving into our first house, she's held up where so many would fail. She's such a blessing and I'm still amazed at how I got her.

So as I'm without internet for the most part in the next couple weeks as my time becomes occupied with painting, mowing, cleaning, mowing, decorating, and mowing, like I warned before, entries will be sparse.


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