Moral Contradictions

Friday, August 05, 2005

Yes we can... pro-troops yet not pro-war.

For those of you who say "the soldiers knew what they were getting into when they signed up"... did anyone know what this war would turn into - a civil war? Yes as a matter of fact some did, but they were ostracized as "anti-American" and "anti-troops". In a country where the approval rating for President Bush's handling of Iraq is at a paltry 38%... why are Marines continuing to die?

The Iraqi insurgents aren't stupid. They read their history books. It's why we quickly conquered the country faster than planned - they knew how to beat us. Guerrilla warfare a la Charlie and the North Vietnamese. The longer they drag it out, the more tired we would become. Quite a few people saw this coming, but were shunned. Now I'm tired of it.

After September 11, we were girded for a long war against terror. We thought a revamping of airport security, building security, border security, and a short war to destroy the Taliban was what we were sold. Obvious and necessary solutions that had widespread support.

If someone gave you over 2 dozen reasons why you should buy a car when you weren't looking for one, would you trust him? What if that person just sold you the perfect car... it was the right car, right gas mileage, right comfort, right price... just right. Yet then he turned around and tried to sell you a monster Hummer... sure, you could drive it, you could make some use of it, but was it really necessary?

Folks, we were sold a lemon... and the justification for our boys being killed is based upon lie after lie.

//Kudos to the First Amendment - if it wasn't for the founding principles this great country of ours, I would be jailed. At the very worst, someone will call me "anti-American", which is funny because I'm being pro-American. I'm tired of seeing Americans die when there are better solutions to protect us. Heck, I'm tired of seeing thousands of people die, no matter what their nationality.


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