Moral Contradictions

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The commercialization of our faith...

Just when those who prefer marrying our common faith with the corruption of politics, there are some who seek to commercialize that which is sacred.

According to this article headlined "Hollywood Marketing Films Through Churches", large influential churches are serving as test audiences for films that aren't overtly Christian.

Yes, I agree with the overall theme that Christians need to take stronger action when it comes to what our children watch - yet I fear that the church is at risk for exploitation all in the name of money.

Increasingly there's a realization among businesses that the "Christian Market" is underserved. I think that this is a good thing overall as there are more movies for Christians to watch and enjoy, as opposed to all violence and crap on tv.

There's a very fine line, and going with everything I've observed, read, and learned while operating this blog, the potential for abuse is ever-present.

I don't want my faith bottled down to the lowest common denominator to sell more movies. My faith isn't cheap, nor is it a commodity. I'm not sure I want to be viewed as a Christian consumer - as someone to specifically sell goods too.

I'm not terribly sure that's how Jesus would view Himself.


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