Moral Contradictions

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Kilgore draws a hypothetical laugh...

...only at his expense.

Scenario: Virginia and New Jersey are the only gubenatorial races this year. Jersey's is pretty much rigged and all eyes are on Virginia because the race is competitive. Virginia's current governor, Democrat Mark Warner, who cannot run this year due to state law not allowing successive terms, is widely talked about as a potential 2008 Presidential candidate. Republican Senator George Allen is as well. Thus, each one has a vested interest in this campaign to bring their party to the Executive Mansion in '05 to pad their '08 resume.

Another focus is the fact that we are a fairly red state with a very popular Democratic governor who raised taxes without political fallout. In this day and age... that just doesn't make sense to anyone.

Hence, we're being viewed as a unique microcosm of the national mood, especially in light of Katrina and the Supreme Court nominations which ultimately revolve around Roe v. Wade.

Thanks to JBD over at Charging RINO for the video where former Attorney General and Republican candidate Jerry Kilgore is pressed to answer a simple yes or no question in a debate with Lt. Governor Tim Kaine by moderator Tim Russert.

Mr. Kilgore, you may want to special order your shovel, cuz you're trapped in a mighty big hole.


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