Moral Contradictions

Friday, September 23, 2005

Politicians are evil...

...and I'm using nice words.

I grew up thinking that if you looked "Evil" up in the dictionary, "Democrat" would show up as a synonym. I have since learned that politicians, as a whole, are evil. If they aren't evil, then the people that worked behind the scenes are. Case in point, here's some weekend reading:

From the Washington Post: Tyco Exec: Abramoff Claimed Ties to Administration. Ralph Reed's friend. It just gets worse for Abramoff and everyone around him.

Second piece comes via Wonkette: Future Borgias of America. The College Republicans at OU made themselves known while I was there... At the time, I thought about joining them, but got turned off by their smugness and their antics. Let's just say they were a factor in my overall disenchantment with the GOP.

For those who believe that the Republicans are saints and are going to bring God's Holy Kingdom here to America, I would ask you to wake up. There is nothing Christian about the actions described in these two articles.

Again I say: Politics corrupts everything it touches - even religion.


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