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Monday, October 17, 2005

Dr. Obvious

Here's more justification for my belief that Dr. Dobson will be appearing in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Seems like there was a bit of an, ah... how do you say?...religious test, put before Harriet Miers, and it seems... it seems that Dr. Dobson approved of her score.

It doesn't matter how qualified she is in matters of Constitutional law, or exploring how she'll vote on other issues like the death penalty or property rights and the like... I don't think a lifetime term in our country's highest court, a court that can and has affected millions of Americans with one pen stroke, should be given to a person solely because they'll vote the preferred way on one issue.

Call it what you will - a religious test, litmus test, whatever - it was a test. I would hope that the President would have quizzed her on a whole host of other subjects to find the best and balanced candidate for the position, but from the controversy generated from Day 1, from the Right I might add, he hasn't. I'm afraid that there are many people out there, given an option of a well-qualified, learned, respected judge who is wishy-washy on Roe versus an unqualified, unknown, and unexperienced candidate who would vote to overturn Roe, they would throw their support to Candidate B.

This has been my concern about abortion all along - yes I'm against it and I don't like it. I do agree with the notion that it will happen whether or not it's legal, so in that vein I would like to narrow its availability and widen the alternatives, including preventative alternatives... yet at the same time, this one issue should not consume our entire political process. There are a whole host of issues that need attention RIGHT NOW that affect ALL OF US.

If one says "I support the culture of life", we shouldn't just focus on those who are unborn or near death - there are a ton of 'quality of life' issues that need addressing... if we really care about the unborn babies, how about simultaneously working toward improving the world that so many want them to arrive in?

Irregardless - should Miers survive the incredibly skeptical eye of the Judiciary Committee, it seems very likely that Democrats will be able to successfully filibuster her nomination as the GOP, as things stand now, lacks the political will to stand up for her.

All I know is what channel will be on my television November 7th.


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