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Monday, October 31, 2005

Jesus' Unconditional Love meets Pharisees

The more I read this article about Southern Baptists in Florida denying water simply because Anheuser-Busch donated it, the more angrier I become. Bob Allen gets what it means to be a Christian - the SBC'ers on the ground do not. We are CHRISTians before we are Baptists - too many lose their focus, and unfortunately, they do this at the worst possible times.

What now? Am I not supposed to go to Busch Gardens? Am I not supposed to go to any restaurant that serves alcohol? Am I not to buy a magazine because it may have a beer ad?

If you carry this line of thinking to its logical end, you'll get bizarre conclusions like I just did. Why take a stand while helping hurricane victims and not take the stands I listed above?

But Nathan, those "bizarre conclusions" are just that - bizarre!

What kind of witness is that? I'll help you, but... If you want to throw that sort of condition on everything in Baptist life, well... let's just say I'll have plenty to keep my blog going if that was the case.

Hey SBC folks, worried about declining numbers? Is it because of homosexuality or the secularization of society? Have you ever looked inward and thought this might be a reason? That you're more concerned with enforcing your view of the Bible, even when that contradicts the most obvious calls of Jesus?

Jesus got in trouble for performing miracles on the Sabbath - did he care? No. The need trumped any law or rule enforced by the Pharisee.

Jesus turned water into wine for a party - My faith contends that He would have done the opposite of that and of the SBC's actions in Florida, especially in a time of need. Unconditional love is just that. Jesus got it - the Pharisees did not.


  • I've been reading your blog for a while now and find it very interesting. However, some of your comments about all Southern Baptists are a big misleading. I too am from Richmond and I attend a S.B. church. Believe me I know what it's like to listen to Baptists preach about certain things and then live that way, but not all Baptists are that way. Just a little rambling comment. For the most part though I totally agree with you. Your doing a great job.

    By Blogger christiancollegeguy, at Tuesday, November 01, 2005 8:08:00 PM  

  • CCG - Thanks for reading... I do understand that not all Baptists are like that, especially as I was raised SBC and I know many great folks... it's those that are in charge that make decisions such as these that most folks don't even know about... I get passionate about folks hijacking the heritage and tradition of our common denomination and lose focus on Christ, all to make statements or to gain paower.

    I do hope you understand how incredibly angry I was, and I wasn't in the mood to make such distinctions that I normally do take time to spell out.

    Again, thank you for reading - and thank you for understanding where I come from... :)

    By Blogger Nathan, at Tuesday, November 01, 2005 9:31:00 PM  

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