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Friday, October 28, 2005

WWTPD? is original, the other is not.

Why does America love herself so much? You may sense some cynicism here, and if you did, you would be correct. However, the question derives from a very uncynical observation: why all these articles in the national and local press about ruined vacations in Cancun and Cozumel by Hurricane Wilma without mention of the devastation to the locals and their infrastructure? We're so freakin superficial. Nary a mention, or at least none that carries the gravitas of lines like "this newly married couple had their honeymoon ruined." What about folks who had their lives ruined? We heard all about that from Katrina, Rita, and Wilma in Florida - are we that so Anglo-centric that we just don't care about other folks, or only in regards to how our vacations are affected? I know I'm speaking in broad terms, but geez. As someone I respect very much said "America needs to get over herself".

My other point is stolen from Bruce at Mainstream Baptist regarding the Missouri Baptist Convention restricting membership to churches who solely give to the SBC... whatever happened to local church autonomy to give as they see fit?

The new president of the convection, Ralph Sawyer, gets the final quote in the article:

"The focus is now on winning the lost to Christ."

Oh really? Just now? What was the focus before, power? Because wide-sweeping acts and practices like these are notorious for having unintended consequences, such as turning more people off from Christ. How do you justify kicking out fellow Christians in the name of winning more?

"They are the ones that pulled away, that don't believe in the Bible all the way," says messenger Paul Berner.

Ai ai ai... Mr. Berner, in all due respect, you've been duped. You chose to believe what your leaders said, which is a miscontrued notion of what the people you kicked out believe in an attempt to grab power of convention reins.

I'd also like to serve notice to folks who have previously made comments like Mr. Berner's that the CBF and other groups were the ones that pulled away. Let me give you long-standing examples that contradict that notion: Texas and Virginia. Now, let's look at this act passed by the MBC: if these groups chose to stay away, then why pass this strict membership rule? Who's doing the leaving and who's doing the forcing out?

I fully believe that the farther the SBC pulls itself to the right and away from the mainstream, the less effective they will become; in the end, the advancement of God's Kingdom will suffer as these folks attempt to follow "WWTPD?" - What Would The Pharisees Do?


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