Moral Contradictions

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's all about sex...

...such is many a-Christian's criticism of anything in our media and/or society. However, this article published a couple weeks ago by the Associated Baptist Press, titled "Birth control, not liberalism, explains mainline decline, researchers say" shows that it's everywhere, and even us prudish Baptists can't escape.

The crux of the article is thus:

"It took most of the 20th century for conservative women to adopt family-planning practices that have become dominant in American society," the writers said. "Or to put the matter differently, the so-called decline of the mainline may ultimately be attributable to its earlier approval of contraception."

With an interesting footnote:

However, the sociologists cautioned, it will be some time before the conservatives' "demographic momentum" exhausts itself -- perhaps 50 years -- because those born during the conservatives' belated baby boom of the 1970s will be filling those pews for quite a while.


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