Moral Contradictions

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Quick political sidebar...

To those who can only think of politics in terms of black-and-white and think that "compromise" is a dirty word - wake up to reality. The more you focus on your "base", the less people you represent and the more you malign.

Moderation is just that - the opposite to knee-jerk reactions based on ideology. Moderation looks at reality - at pragmatic solutions that will help everybody, not the far wing of the ruling party. It isn't 'soul-less', nor can it simply be described as 'walking the fence'. It simply is the result that voters become disenchanted with the extreme and firm planks of the two dominant parties - and from those that charge they are a "RINO" or "DINO" if they don't agree with key beliefs.

Katherine Waddell, an independent, beat Republican incumbent Brad Marrs Tuesday for delegate of the 68th Virginia House District. After she received $10,000 from George Pence, a local auto dealer, Marrs sent out a fundraising letter announcing that she had received the contribution from a "wealthy homosexual businessman". Politicans from all stripes and both sides of the aisle blasted Marrs for exploiting people's prejudices for political gain.

Pence wrote that "the politics of hate do not work in Virginia" and the result "reflects that voters want to support candidates who conduct themselves with honor, who listen to constituents and who focus on good government."

Waddell concludes that:
One word I kept hearing was 'moderation.' That's what people want. They're tired of the partisanship. They want to see Republicans, Democrats and independents work together.

Waddell's victory is bittersweet as it is rare for an independent to unseat an incumbent, yet isn't final as she won with 44 votes. Also telling is the defeat of Chris "Africans will have sex with anything that has a pulse" Crandell and Dick 'contraceptives are "baby pesticides"' Black.

If only Bob 'I can't remember if I've had oral sex' McDonnell loses - then I'll feel really good about the election results.


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