Moral Contradictions

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Real versus Theoretical...

...or something. I haven't spent that much time on this blog lately, and for that, I feel bad. I truly am passionate about what the subjects covered here, and I know I miss a ton when I checkout for a couple of days.

I was thinking tonight about why I'm slacking. I determined my excuses would be the following:
  1. Holidays - I've had some time off from the store which coincided with Kristen having time-off from Seminary.
  2. Church - This is two-fold - The Christmas season is in full gear and I've been sucked into several positions of responsiblity. The other part is that through my wife's position, through the semi-respect I draw as a minister's husband, and through my positions, I've caught wind of the typical crap that can be found in a church.
  3. I've been wrestling about my commitments and the resulting challenges that I've endured and are enduring. Thus my mind has been pre-occupied as some of the crap in the national church I would blog about is now very personal.

For the above reasons, I feel the need to journal, but I've never been good about actually writing one. Ever since watching Doogie Howser I've been fascinated about electronic journals, and this is the way I can express my feelings in a non-verbal manner.

As I intended this blog to be somewhat non-personal, at least in terms of the inner thoughts of my head and my daily struggles, I feel like I should start another blog...

I don't expect anyone to read it or find any profound comments there - I mean, all are welcome, but be forewarned, I ramble (some of you already know that!). The blog will be for me, so if it means I have to type a rambling post that makes no sense, but I feel better for doing it, then I met it's purpose.

I'll update this post once I start it... okay, I decided to use my website for it...


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