Moral Contradictions

Friday, December 02, 2005

Some observations...

...from listening to radio, reading blogs and online news, and watching a little tv... I can't escape from the recent case held before the Supreme Court regarding abortion and parental consent.

Note: I've traditionally stopped my mind from even entering this complicated, passionate, and venomnous debate. I just don't want to be apart of something so hateful, as I feel so many people are talking and no one listens - thus nothing is resolved, as a victory for one side only emboldens the other.

I have noticed some "moral contradictions" from both sides. Again, this is just pedestrian thought - I refuse to get in the middle of this. Heck, I may just turn off comments on this post because I'm simply fleshing my thoughts out.

First, the liberals: Why do we have a society where a 17 year old girl cannot take tylenol in school without going through a whole slew of forms and permission from her parents, yet she can get an abortion on demand in secret?

Next, the conservatives: If so many folks are willing to demand that a 16-17 year old be charged as an adult for a heinous crime - heck, even be executed... why don't we consider 16-17 year olds as adults in other situations? Abortion and sexual consent come to mind.

I know I've constructed strawman observations and that there is underlying issues - but when you lay everything out on the table, it doesn't make sense. (However I'm assured that folks on both sides would be willing to explain it to me).

Thus, I focus on other ways I can help our society. I do not wish to become part of the propaganda, as I struggle to find the facts, search my faith, and produce a defendable opinion that is based on morals and reality.