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Monday, January 16, 2006

Righteously cast out?

Tickets are going fast for the spectacle of watching Ralph Reed's star fall. The former leader of the Christian Coalition and executive director of the College Republicans finds himself the center of a Washington Post article detailing his rise toward running for lt. governor of Georgia and how the Jack Abramoff inquiry couldn't come at worse time.

This quote sums up his problems in the eyes of Georgia voters:

"Ralph Reed? He's a politician," said David Loudenflager, a Republican who retired after working 32 years for the Arrow Shirt Company. "He was involved with Jack Abramoff and the Indians and all those."

Loudenflager does not like the Democratic Party -- "they give away everything" -- but he puts no stock in the Christian Coalition: "All these people running around telling you how good they are, and how right they are. You better be careful and hold on to your wallet."

According to the article, though, any democrat would be beat him by at 3 points - in a red state. Primary is July 18 - it's going to be a long six months for him.

Update: Via Jesus Politics, an article in the World Magazine titled "House of Cards" details how Abramoff used his evangelical connections for personal gain. Whether or not Ralph Reed and others were aware of what was going on or not, this whole scandal is emblematic of the acute problems and conflicts of interest when religion and politics are so intermixed.

What have I said throughout the life of this blog? Politics corrupts - and those who fancy themselves as our Christian leaders do not understand when you mix the authority of God with the underworld of politics, you are playing with fire.


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