Moral Contradictions

Monday, January 30, 2006

Yet another question...

...that I'd love to have an answer to.

Am I wrong, or does it seem it's the same people who scream at illegal workers from Mexico for taking "our" jobs who in the same breath silently (and in some cases vocally) approve of outsourcing jobs to the Far East?

I'm sure that can't be a blanket assertion at all, but I'm interested to know what the crossover rate is. When electronics are dirt cheap and Wal-Mart is Mecca for so many (I admit it, our grocery bill is quite nice because my wife loves Wal-Mart) because of the cheap prices, that seems to be labelled as "smart business" and "the market at work", even though thousands of Americans lost their jobs to make that possible. But when companies hire immigrants to lower business costs, they're now job-stealers?

I probably haven't explained myself very well, as I just flipped by CNN's Lou Dobbs report where I saw the question "New Orleans closed to US workers?" as the title of a report about contractors having to compete against businesses that provide cheap labor via hiring immigrants.

The answer probably lies in the realm of direct affection: in other words, I don't care about this issue unless I lost my job because Dell moved its call center or I can't get bids because that company hires immigrants who are willing to work for less.

So many of our country's issues have similar root causes - too many times folks engage in different scenarios that result from these problems. In our country and in our church, often times we find ourselves talking past one another, only to learn after honest discourse that we have more in common than originally assumed.

Those that let politics corrupt their faith and principles for the sake of a power grab are the ones who miss the point and ruin it for all of us.


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