Moral Contradictions

Friday, February 24, 2006

Hmm... which company to go after?...

Here's a test...

1. Congress should investigate wrongdoing by an oil company if:

A. they post record-profits after the price of oil more than doubled,
B. they had any dealings with the Abramoff scandal,
C. they gave charitable donations of heating oil to the poor in colder areas,
D. none of the above.

Um... is there an 'A and B'? No? Oh okay... A? B?..... It's C? Really? No foolin'? Huh... okay, I think I understand... yeah I do!

I'd investigate company C (Citgo) too if I was in Congress. I mean, how dare they give that oil away!! The nerve! The shame!

I'm wondering if the lack of outrage (which in turn, outrages me) is due to the fact that the same Americans who voted Bush back into office and are now giving him a sub-40 point approval rating know that they picked him and it's their fault.

Pfft... what am I thinking? It's because many of the Bush's supporters who are Christians happen to think that criticizing him is akin to criticizing God. Jeez... I should know better.

Read the article about Citgo's persecution (and subsequent free pass on the greedy companies). [hat tip RiverCity Rapids]

/head back into the sand


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