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Sunday, February 05, 2006

The wide gate of the narrow path

I must recommend the Super Bowl Theology post over at Streak's Blog:

Selling something, promising celebrity, and the promise of door prized free things to get people inside the door. Christian faith just another consumer item to be packaged, marketed, sold, and consumed.

Folks, we as Christians must recognize that advertisers and entreprenuers target our collective faith as a profitable market. Companies and movie studios realize that if they make products that appeal to us, there's a good chance we'll give them our money. We must be skeptical of the motive behind products and services offered to us... is it truly to advance God's Kingdom, or is it because someone's just trying to make a buck?

Lately I've observed a situation where some don't understand what church is truly about. Somehow they were denied the definition of what being a Christian really means. Everyone involved is suffering by the lack of accountability present. "Christianity Lite" may be good to get people to church, but once there, they need to be taught exactly what that means - what it means to walk daily with the Lord, what it means to serve and love one another, what it means to grow as a fellowship.

Powerful people "use" us for personal and political gain (*cough cough* Jack Abramoff *cough* Ralph Reed) and the church must honestly examine the consequences of these actions.

Jesus said the path would be narrow - there's nothing wrong with widening and advertising the gate to that path. What I do have a problem with is the church and fellow Christians failing to equip and instruct those with the knowledge of what "narrow" means. Masking the journey for the sake of counting heads inside the gate completely goes against Biblical teaching and sabotages the call of the church.

Baptism is only the beginning, yet too many treat that as the end.


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