Moral Contradictions

Friday, March 10, 2006

Cogs or Frauds

I've argued here on many fronts my misgivings about marrying religion to politics. The two biggest reasons are:

1. Politics corrupts - Sometimes people, even Christians, don't know how to handle power. They can quickly become too preoccupied with the "perks" of power and/or keeping it.
2. The "using" of Christians - many GOP politicians merely view GOP-leaning Christians as just another voting group to get to power. As long as those politicans make it seem they're addressing their pet issues, the politicans have free reign to pursue other policies, no matter if they hurt Christians or the folks Christians are called to help. (see Kansas, What Happened To).

I've written about Max Blumenthal's article "Abramoff's Evangelical Soldiers", the Religious Right Watch highlights a section bears repeating:

While Abramoff cooperates with federal prosecutors, his former Christian-right surrogates have abstained from coming clean about their relationship with him. Acknowledging willing collusion with a disgraced casino lobbyist would be suicidal among their followers. But there are also risks in casting themselves as useful idiots in Abramoff's game. Such a tactic would reveal the "pro-family" movement as just another gear in a sordid Republican political operation. What did Dobson know and when did he know it? As the wheels of justice grind on, those who claim to speak with the authority of Scripture may soon find themselves under oath.

Folks, God is powerful and is not to be taken lightly. My understanding of the Bible is that God has an all-encompassing purpose for His will, and being able to sleep a little better at night because a certain law is passed doesn't seem quite right.

Beware - when one claims to speak for God, especially a politician, you better make sure they're doing some honest listening - but that's not enough. We are Christians first, and Americans second - I reserve my Constitutional right to question any politician with whom I disagree, Christian or not.

I fear too many of our so-called "leaders" miss the big picture.


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