Moral Contradictions

Monday, March 27, 2006

Dr. Richard Land, the ERLC, SBC, and the H word

On the way to work this morning, it hit me. What immediately followed the following revelation was my hand smacking my forehead with the word "duh!".

After telling the President that "Ours is a nation of law [sic]..." and Southern Baptists "are deeply offended at a very basic level when the government doesn’t enforce the law..." in regards to illegal aliens, where have they been when the President has made up or ignored laws to allow torture and spying on American citizens?

I was taught that sometimes you don't just sin with your actions, but you can also sin with your non-action.

I cannot shake the thought the SBC is merely a group of political and cultural conservatives who justify their world view through their interpretation of the Bible. They have shaped and warped the Bible to suit their own needs through misinformation and the cherry-picking of verses. I wonder how Bruce Gourley's response to Dr. Albert Mohler would fit into the SBC's belief that the Bible doesn't contradict itself.

Why can't we as Christians objectively look to the Bible for clues as to what political causes to advance? I don't feel like I can dismiss the thousands of references to help the poor and focus on one or two verses on homosexuality or other red-hot issues conveniently used to stir up passions and elect preferred officials. I also feel like I need to research the entire Bible to see what it says on various subjects and read each verse and passage in context.

Does that make me a heretic, to truly seek the face of God and what his will for my life would be?

No matter your opinion on the previous question, it's not yours to make. No one will advocate for or against me when I stand before God one day. Just me.


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