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Sunday, March 26, 2006

A few random updates...

//I hope I don't have another Sunday like today... my idea of "day of rest" doesn't include waking up at 6:30 and then go to church from 7:30 - 12:00. It was my own fault as I covered sound for someone without looking at the calendar. I would've noticed that I was already scheduled for the other service plus the church was hosting a prayer breakfast. So I apologize if the following doesn't make any sense, or if a whole bunch of letters repeat for 87 lines because I fell asleep on the keyboard.

But I digress....

I've been commenting on several stories as of late which have had signficant updates in the past 36 hours or so.

(1). Religious freedom... er, execution looks like it won't happen in Afghanistan for the Christian who converted, which according to the sharia law of the government that our government put in place by force, demands death for this "crime". God Bless Afghanistan? This one still hasn't sorted itself out yet...

(2). Just a couple days after Dr. Richard Land proved himself yet again to be one of the leaders of America's largest conservative group that happens to meet every Sunday by pushing for the President to follow the law in regards to illegal immigrations, some of "the largest demonstrations for any cause in recent U.S. history" happened against criminalizing illegal immigrants. (Yes I know "criminalizing illegal" is self-defeating, but for Dr. Land to turn yet another complex social and moral issue into a black and white frame based on his position of being a top dog of a church is reprehensible).

I'll have to do some research into who presented this plan, but one of the proposed options for handling this situation is: Allowing foreigners to stay in the country legally as custodians, dish washers, construction workers and other low-paid employees.

*where's that wall again.... *BAM!!*

Remember all the press about the million man march awhile back that wasn't quite a million? 500,000 took to the streets in LA. Half a million folks felt so strongly about this issue that they protested in a city 3,000 miles away from our nation's capital. I'm hearing that they're planning even bigger demonstrations. I'm used to seeing those type of images and thinking "what's going on now in [pick your current unstable country]?"... Just as we all said "I can't believe this is happening in America" after Katrina, we're forced to say it again.

(3) Um... at what point is it okay to use the term "civil war" to describe what's happening around Baghdad? Do we have to hit triple digits in the number of folks daily found dead in the streets? Apparently 50-70 a day is merely called having a "mild disagreement".


I'd also like to thank Ms. Vivian for the compliments and welcome her readers and her input... check her site out... now! :)

//to bed.


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