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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Homosexual hating homosexuals

One of the things I learned while growing up is that often I get the most upset with someone if they commit an action or exhibit a fault that deep down I know to be a problem with my life. Often this is due to personality similarities - for instance I often clashed with my mother in my teenage years because we were so similar. I have a sneaking suspicion I'm not the only one who is wired in such a manner.

I was reading Waldo Jaquith's blog today and actually laughed out loud at this entry titled "In which a self-hating bisexual becomes angry".

Basically, the story goes as such: Waldo receives an email who disparages him for "trying to commandeer the term family values for your own perverted use" and wants to ship his "hippie ass to Iraq and use you for hostage fodder for terrorists operating over there" and wants to see his "faggot ass on a website, in an orange jumpsuit, blindfolded with a knife to your throat".

Okay... unfortunately this person's vote exactly equals mine, yet somehow I can still sleep at night.

With "poetic justice" Waldo proves that geeks rule the world - he did some research on the Internets and found that this troll has a profile on a homosexual website where members prefer to search for mates by looking at pictures of each other's genitals.

Waldo 1, "hate-mongering" closet homosexuals 0.

Interestingly, I immediately thought about a post I wrote about Alan Colmes' interview last June with 'fag-hating' Fred Phelps where he wouldn't directly come out and say No to the question that he was a repressed homosexual.

Folks, this is why you must question everything.


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