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Sunday, March 12, 2006

How did Missouri anger God?

...or I'd like to think that's what Pat Robertson might think.

Maybe I'm weird, but I view the Bible as something very powerful - it's the Word of God, for crying out loud. (For non-church people, anytime we write something with a capital letter, we're required to take off our shoes. Not really. Okay, I'll stop.)

I also view myself as very very tiny, at least compared to God's sheer strength and all the "omni-" prefaced words. I come nowhere close to having an "omni" before any adjective that describes me, and I have small feeling that I'm no different from the rest of mankind.

Further I loathe Christians who justify their actions, whatever they may be, on just one verse. Again, I'm probably a heretic, but I feel the Bible should be taken as a whole. Who am I to say that I should give more weight to one verse when another verse doesn't completely jive? To me, that merely serves as a reminder that I'm very very little and I don't have all the answers. Again, Word of God - not word of me. I approach it with reverance and caution.

The one thing I'm 100% sure of is that Jesus died for my sins and that He calls us to follow in His footsteps. I alone will account for my sins to Him.

I also know that there are many contradictory opportunists who wield enormous respect in certain circles that claim to associate severe weather or other disasters as God's punishment if that particular geographical area is perceived to have committed a communal sin.

I, for one, know that to be sheer and utter crap.

If I was as arrogant and heartless as the Pat Robertsons of the world appear to be, I could say that Missouri getting smacked by tornadoes today is retribution for the Baptist state convention kicking CBF-affiliated churches out. Or maybe Missourians got a little too rowdy last weekend and some took indecent liberties with livestock. Or maybe I'm just pulling stuff out of my butt, because that would be the original location of the majority of what passes through these so-called Christian leaders' mouths.

No - I say that I don't know if there was a reason why north-central Missouri seemed to have been targeted today. I might just say that there was no particular reason except for a strong low-pressure system that happened to include some nice backing winds.

I understand there's a need for answers - a desire for "Why?" to be fullfilled. However, sometimes there are no answers... and that's okay. I personally feel that crap happens, and when it does, we are not called to point fingers and try to divine why said crap occured - rather, we're called to help those affected, to love them, grieve with them, sit with them. Life's rough - tearing people down to make us feel more righteous is ungodly.

Pray for the people of Missouri tonight, that those affected by the storms will quickly rebound. Pray for those this spring and summer that will be hit. (Disclaimer: I love chasing storms - however, the best tornado hits an empty field and looks pretty.)

Pray and love - don't judge.


  • Nathan-

    You expressed your views well and I too feel (somewhere in my gut) that God has something to do with weather.

    I was on the road heading to Columbia, Missouri from Chicago last night and found myself in the middle of the beastly storm. Golf-ball sized hail hit my car and visibility was slim. I was terribly scared.

    It often takes something like that storm, maybe choppy seas or an earthquake to make me realize just how small I am.

    So, if God was truly mad, maybe for the debaucheries of Mardi Gras – don’t forget Saint Louis – or the “indecent liberties with livestock” that you suggested, then he surely laid the smackdown on mid-Missouri last night.


    By Blogger Cisco, at Monday, March 13, 2006 2:07:00 PM  

  • You'll notice that the storms skipped over Springfield (*said with angels singing in the background*), the headquarters city of both the Baptist Bible Fellowship and the Assemblies of God.

    "Repent and be Baptists, every one of you, for we have all sinned and fallen short of the Assemblies of God." (Speculations 3:16, cf II Opinions 5:12)

    Being an Okie, I am reminded every spring of just how much we heartlanders must cheese God off. Even being the home state of Kenneth Hagin Ministries and Oral Roberts University hasn't appeased God. In apparent response to our evil, evil ways He sends scores of tornadoes (and the occasional anti-government bomber) to our state.

    By Blogger Dr. Mike Kear, at Monday, March 13, 2006 6:10:00 PM  

  • Next time I go storm-chasing I'll have to find some sin so despicable so as to force God to target me with a tornado.

    /Eh, may not be the best idea, but with my luck lately, I think I may need some divine intervention to see a nice supercell.

    After my 2 years in Oklahoma, I'm wondering if the state suffers from God's bad aim in trying to smite Arkansas. Someone should be punished for all the cones on I-40 through there. :)

    By Blogger Nathan, at Monday, March 13, 2006 6:40:00 PM  

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