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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

More E-Beacon fun...

After the first month of the publication of the Hillcrest E-Beacon, the online newsletter seems to be a hit. I spent a few hours designing the layout, and our secretary has a program to fill in the information each week. Once she's done each Wednesday, I double-check it for formatting errors, and then an email is sent to the church that it's published.

The first goal of the E-Beacon was to better inform members of what's happening with our church. As our pastor says, quite a few folks forget we meet every Sunday. Part of that goal is to further fellowship, community, and dialogue. Today I added the "Weekly Bible Picks" to post a couple verses for members to collectively contemplate. I then posted a link where members can send their favorite verses so they can be published in subsequent weeks.

A couple former missionaries in our church recently lamented that our church doesn't seem to have much of a foreign missions outlook. Thus, I added the Missions Moment as another feature to serve as a reminder that God's love is for everyone.

The awesome thing about the E-Beacon is that it really did not take that long at all to develop nor does it take much time to update. The format can be copied for any church. I'm really excited to be able to use my geeky skills for God.


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