Moral Contradictions

Thursday, March 16, 2006

A politician that gets it...

Via the Associated Baptist Press comes an article titled "Rural Texas pastor bucks the norm, running for legislature as Democrat".

Kerry Horn, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Covington, Texas, is facing an uphill battle as the Republican incumbent of 14 years is head of the House Committee on Appropriations. His announcement has emotions running high in the rural district outside of Dallas.

However, he gets it - and is able to explain exactly how his faith intersects with his politics.

Horn said he has a “moral compass calibrated by a higher standard than a party platform.”

He has little patience for Christians whose political opinions are focused on certain hot-button moral issues. “Here you get enraged about abortion and homosexual action, but you wink and nod at adultery,” Horn said. “Don’t give me this holier-than-thou business when you dismiss other sins.”

I would definitely vote for him. The following quote sealed the deal:

No political party can claim moral superiority over the other as long as it’s made up of the same fallen people.

Wow. We need more politicians in both parties like him.


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