Moral Contradictions

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Trifecta strkes again

Folks, politics corrupts. Politics + Money + Faith is a very powerful combination that potentially could do a lot of good, yet under this Administration and prevailing political climate has proved to cause unfathomable harm.

I don't think I'm smart enough to form a non-profit organization purporting to support a "pro-family" agenda in Washington - and then make a over a million dollars lining my pockets by taking 1/3 off the top of donations.

Apparently I needed to work for Tom Delay to learn these tactics. Edwin A. Buckham learned how.

A top adviser to former House Whip Tom DeLay received more than a third of all the money collected by the U.S. Family Network, a nonprofit organization the adviser created to promote a pro-family political agenda in Congress, according to the group's accounting records.

DeLay's former chief of staff, Edwin A. Buckham, who helped create the group while still in DeLay's employ, and his wife, Wendy, were the principal beneficiaries of the group's $3.02 million in revenue, collecting payments totaling $1,022,729 during a five-year period ending in 2001, public and private records show.

If any one of you reading this happen to be Christian and you voted for President Bush because you thought he would protect your faith, let this serve as a wake-up call: Your faith and vote is being used for highly immoral purposes. Greed is the most common sin that is currently undermining our faith, our finances, and our Constitution.

Also, it's patriotic to question your government. Just ask the soldiers that died to set up a government that truly represented their needs and interests. Ask them why they wanted a Bill of Rights. Ask the leaders of late 18th century Virginia why they wouldn't ratify the Constitution unless it had that Bill of Rights. Ask them why that was so important. Ask they why they fought and died for a country that respected the rule of law and didn't pay lip service to those laws and amendments.

Our country is most definitely heading in the wrong direction - only certain religious leaders are justifying President Bush's actions at the helm as he continually marginalizes and trivializes our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Money by itself isn't bad, yet the Bible teaches us the love of money is wrong. Greed plus faith combined with power is anti-American.


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