Moral Contradictions

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Duplicity and hypocrisy at its finest

We all know the definition of hypocrisy. At best what happened today was dishonest - at worst, pure hypocrisy.

With this whole gas prices mess, it's fascinating to watch our elected officials panic. Since gas prices affect us all, more attention is brought to their practices. Other issues that affect us and that I blog about don't always garner the same media coverage, thus watching politicians scurry around is quite revealing.

Watching them, I'm getting the sense that they're not looking for real answers - instead, they're trying to discover the best way to placate their constituents with symbolic overtures that seem sacrificial, yet cannot be construed as real answers to real problems.

I don't know much about the Senator from Oregon, Ron Wyden, but I have to admire the passion he exhibited during his filibuster on the Senate floor.

If only all issues were addressed with that type of passion rather than enough interest to ensure re-election, maybe we can stop making that joke that the opposite of "pro"gress is "Con"gress.

What a pipe-dream I live in.


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