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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Greensboro could be rough...

...Unfortunately some things don't change - Baptists fight. I truly do not revel in Christians fighting with one another. The disunity of the Church is deeply troubling, as the small differences overshadow our larger commonalities. We're so quick to divide yet so suspicious of cooperation.

One of my passions is studying history - if we don't understand where we come from, we're bound to make similar mistakes.

From Wade Burleson and all the controversies at the International Mission Board, it looks like the Southern Baptist Convention is having to reap what it has sowed. The folks who discovered how to take over the convention are now digging in their heels to prevent it from happening again.

From SBC Outpost:

Do not be deceived, the SBC is resting between two visions: the past and the future, legalism and freedom, monument and movement, staidness and creativity, bureauracracy and restructure, law and Spirit, oligarchy and grass roots. As I have been saying since January, Greensboro '06 is Houston '79 is the future of the SBC. Be there and bring your full slate of messengers. This is not the year for just "getting away from it all"--there is more purpose and importance attached. Apathy, this year, is capitulation to the status quo.

My raw instincts - my "natural" self - tells me I should roll my eyes and laugh while saying "turnabout is fair play". I'll be honest, it's very tempting. I've written some things here of which I'm not proud.

Whatever happens there won't be good for any Baptist or Christian, not just those who identify with the Southern Church.


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