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Thursday, April 27, 2006

McCarthy good? Lincoln and King bad?

The more and more I study the beliefs of Christians who can be labeled the "Religious Right", the more convinced I become that cultural conservatism, rather than the Bible, is their motivation.

Don Wilkey over at Ethics Daily lists quite a few instances in Christian education where prejudices, racism, and chauvinism are being taught to children. Among a few beliefs expressed by leaders and publishers:

- taking offense of a picture of a woman carrying a briefcase - that promotes anti-family values.

- Martin Luther King was a fraud.

- "the 'most marked development in modern Texas' is 'the growth of church schools.'"

- 1954 Brown v. Board was falsely decided.

- Senator McCarthy was a good American vindicated by secret Soviet documents.

- Jimmy Carter "claimed to be a believer".

- there's no middle ground between choosing to believe evolution and God.

- women must "be fruitful and multiply as often as possible".

- Lincoln was a tariff traitor who hated blacks.

- The real glory days of America existed in the Antebellum South.

Folks, there's a reason why the Constitution doesn't mention God. Sectarian struggle was fresh in the minds of our Founding Fathers. They watched states and kingdoms torn asunder by religious wars. The quickest way to rally people to your cause is to enlist God on your side. Not to speak for them, but I can imagine that our original leaders didn't want the lives lost and the hard work they put into founding our nation to be turn into a dividing tool.

State-based religious coercion is anti-American. Baptists were on the losing end of that stick in colonial times as they were jailed and killed for their radical beliefs. All they wanted to do was worship God in their own manner, yet the state didn't agree. We must make sure history doesn't repeat itself and we start persecuting those that don't agree with us in a similar manner.

We must also recognize the true forces behind these calls for Christians to pull their children out of public schools. It's not that they're being taught information deemed "too liberal"... it's that it doesn't include enough racisim or prejudice. They're being taught true history, to respect our country's values, and to respect others, whether they agree with you or not. Sure there could be some changes and I'm sure there are excesses, but by and large, these are the folks that aren't anywhere close to the mainstream of Americans, not to mention Christians.

An interesting story that Dr. Cecil Sherman tells is when he asked the late Adrian Rogers if he believes the Bible is inerrant, what does he believe on slavery?

"Slavery is a much-aligned institution - if we had slavery we wouldn't have this welfare mess."

Culture conservatives who use God as justification, or Christians? You decide.


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