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Friday, April 07, 2006

The SBC and numbers...

Recently there has been some controversy around numbers and the SBC. Generally the conservative thinking has been that under moderate control the denomination would decline. On the flip side, conservatives believed that one of the results of their "resurgence" would be a resurging of the denomination.

Well, from what I read, the plan hasn't quite gone so smoothly, at least with the "resurgence". They've achieved the takeover and excised moderates out of cooperation (oops, I meant obeying), yet they're running out of scapegoats.

The flap over at the International Mission Board troubles me. Basically, it means that if a minority of the trustees disagreed with a policy yet were voted down, they couldn't publicly voice their dissension. I've seen Politburo meetings run in a more friendly fashion.

I was surfing around and took a turn into Southern Baptist blogs just to see what was shaking. Through Marty Duren's SBC Outpost, I stumbled over to a blog titled 12 Witnesses, written by Art Rogers.

He has an interesting post catching Paige Patterson, president of the seminary, using apples and oranges to help pad the numbers.

Intriguing indeed.


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