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Saturday, April 22, 2006

They must have called our church...

...cuz we have some folks that don't understand what church is about.

The Associated Baptist Press reports that "less than 20 percent of American adults believe participation in a congregation is critical to spiritual growth..." and "while 72 percent of Americans claim they have personally committed themselves to Jesus Christ, less than 50 percent attend religious services on a weekly basis."

I wonder how many folks who claim to be a Christian yet don't attend church feel like they've met their spiritual obligation by voting "the right way"?


  • Good question, Nathan. The answer would probably mortify you and me both.



    By Blogger Dr. Mike Kear, at Sunday, April 23, 2006 7:33:00 PM  

  • I agree - the biggest question is how to combat that.

    The first step is recognizing that this is a problem. Our pastor jokes that members forget we meet every Sunday... but that joke is getting old and starting to get really sad.

    By Blogger Nathan, at Sunday, April 23, 2006 10:09:00 PM  

  • Well, I can answer for my case. And based on what I hear from friends and others I know that I am at least not alone.

    1.) I am a Christian
    2.) I don't vote the "right way"
    3.) I don't attend church (I used to, all the time, I was even a youth pastor for years).

    My answer is :
    (A) I am is very very tired of endless debates about what church 'is really about' or what 'the word church really means'. Language is defined by use not by a clutch of philophers or clergy sitting in a tower somewhere. When people say church they mean a group of people who get together in a build and listen to some guy talk. Period, end of debate. You can talk about what a spiritual community looks like, or what Christian fellowship is, but "Church" means bunch-of-people-and-a-building.
    (B) Why I don't go to church? Pastors mostly. I've been manipulated and harranged and (to be honest) ashamed of them just WAY too many times. On the whole they are a sad and miserable collection of people; I wonder if seminarys do any kind of screening or psychological profiling at all? The amount of right-wing polotics, and guilt trips, and smearing-the-other (done however politely) drove me to the point that getting up and preparing to go to church made me physcially nauseous. Does that make me a 'consumer' who just opted out when my selfish needs weren't being met? Sure, OK. At this point I'm just fine with that.

    By Blogger Whitemice Consulting, at Monday, April 24, 2006 1:14:00 PM  

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