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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's almost freaking June!

Kristen commented this morning, upon me telling her today was the 24th day of May, that life is absolutely flying by.

As part of her seminary training, she is required to go on a Mission Immersion Experience (MIE) and take on an internship for a full academic year, which she plans to start in the fall.

Thus, she leaves Friday for 8 days and will head to Camden, New Jersey to work with an AIDS ministry there with a handful of fellow classmates. She is scheduled to return at 5:00pm Saturday and then must turn around and conduct Youth & Children's Sunday rehearsal at 7, and then help pull that service off twice the following morning.

It gets better - we will then fly out early Monday morning to Wichita, Kansas, with my father and we will meet my uncle for 6 days of storm chasing. We will fly back to Richmond that following Saturday.

The storm chasing trip has been on the schedule for months - the MIE and Youth Sunday were just recently scheduled, and unfortunately she did not have any say in those dates.

The MIE and internship were going to be waived if she did a dual-degree program and earned a Master's of Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University. In the past six months she's felt like that isn't where her calling lies, hence the rushed nature of scheduling the MIE so she can graduate on time.

I request prayers for her as she looks ahead to her internship. She is allowed to execute the internship at her current job - yet because of so many factors merely inferred to here on the blog (if we were allowed to go into details we would have enough content for another blog), she's struggling with that upcoming situation.

Pray for her as she seeks guidance from God and that she can correctly discern His Will for her ministry. Please pray for her as she seeks guidance from her spiritual mentors and seminary professors. Please pray for us as whatever happens will directly affect our life.

Hopefully I can find words to accurately express some of the issues facing us in a later post, but we shall see. I'm praying that as she heads to NJ she will be able to prayerfully and rationally examine the current dilemma from another context. I also pray that our Great Plains vacation will be just that, a vacation, and that we will be able to relax and clear our heads.

Thank you ahead of time.


  • Just to let you our daughter-in-law Kristen is continually on your Mom's and my prayer list. But, is it okay if I throw in a request for safe viewing of several tornadoes next month?


    By Blogger Chris, at Wednesday, May 24, 2006 8:07:00 PM  

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