Moral Contradictions

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thank you George Will...

George Will said in two sentences what I've been trying to say for over a year:

Conservatives should be wary of the idea that when they talk about, say, tax cuts and limited government -- about things other than abortion, gay marriage, religion in the public square and similar issues -- they are engaging in values-free discourse. And by ratifying the social conservatives' monopoly of the label "values voters," the media are furthering the fiction that these voters are somehow more morally awake than others.

"Moral values" are so much more than those on the right believe. They permeate all issues - for instance, corporate responsibility, minimum wage, immigration, education, and employment issues all contain a deep moral aspect.

Until those who do not identify with the far-right find their voice and educate the media and the American people, those "value voters" will continue to only be identified with card-carrying GOP'ers.


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