Moral Contradictions

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I stopped by the admissions office at Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond today to ask a few questions. I also received materials from Union Theological Seminary-Presbyterian School of Christian Education yesterday, which is right across the street from BTSR.

BTSR just has the M.Div, while Union has a dual-degree program w/ a M.Div and M.A. in Christian Education. I really like the MACE, but I'm thinking if I do that, I want to be in a Baptist seminary for the Divinity degree.

My question was 'could I do a dual-degree program between the two seminaries' - M.Div at BTSR, MACE at Union.

I'm already planning to audit a couple of courses this year, but if I plan to go to BTSR I'll take them for credit and maybe add a couple more to give me a headstart for Fall '07. Also, it would be nice to ease on in back to school as I've gotten used to being out.

Yay, fun times.


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