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Friday, June 02, 2006

Leaving the cart behind

We have two more sessions of the Baptist History and Heritage Society's annual meeting in DC, one tonight and another in the morning. I've met a ton of people - I really feel like some Joe Blow amongst all of these giants. I am starting to understand the power of 'networking' as I've received some good Baptist historical leads as well as a couple in regards to seminaries.

I met Carl Kell last night, editor of Exiled, Voices of the Southern Baptist Convention Holy War. We had a good chat and got him to sign a copy for me. Former Baptist Joint Committee Director James Dunn provides a foreward for the book, which is great reading so far. I met him today, but will bring the book to tonight's session so he can sign it for me. I know this book will be a prized possession in my meager yet increasing library.

I'm biased, but Dr. Cecil Sherman's essay was very familiar, and I agree with him whole-heartedly - we as moderates must move on. Dwelling on the past ignores the future. Yes, that's much easier for me to say as I wasn't close to being born in 1979, but it's significant for the leader of the moderates to admonish those who cannot look beyond the past and into the future.

What's done is done - let's venture forward and strategize how to best pool our resources. At the conference today, a speaker quoted a person he did not name as saying "We're a lot, but we're not much". We need to stop dwelling on the past, stop pointing fingers at the SBC, and chart our own destiny.

We'll never escape the fact that we originate from the SBC - those lessons will help shape structures to further God's Kingdom.


  • Nice post.

    I had heard Brent Walker was presenting a paper at the BHHS on James Dunn? Did you happen to hear Brent?

    Fall of 2004 I was an intern at the BJC, so I had the great privilege of working with Brent and James Dunn. My father is a Baptist Historian (from Baylor) and normally attends BHHS meeting - but was unable to do so this year. I hope to write my Masters Thesis on Dr. Dunn - so hopefully I will get a copy of Brent's paper!

    I agree with Dr. Sherman. However, the SBC will always be a thorn in our side. As long as many Moderate Baptists still attend Churches that give to both the CBF and SBC - we'll always have a connection.

    While the war with the SBC is over, battles with the individual State Conventions are still being fought. Even this year we saw the Georgia Baptist Convention cut off funding to Mercer University.

    Only four years ago, my "soft-moderate" hometown church in South Georgia (FBC Lyons) had a "fundamentalist takeover." Fortunately, a new CBF Church was founded - The Oaks. Three years ago, the Moderate-Religion Department of Brewton-Parker College (a GBC school) was taken over and my father and his colleagues were run out of town. Fortunately, my Dad landed with a better job at Baylor.

    I understand what Dr. Sherman meant. I agree. But as long as the fundamentalists continue to split churches, exclude the moderate-minority in the state conventions, and smear the good name of the CBF - we will continue to fight the good fight (just not constantly and not as often).

    By Blogger Big Daddy Weave, at Monday, June 05, 2006 4:30:00 AM  

  • I read this book soon after meeting the editor at the CBF assembly and he signed it "it's good to be free." I am glad to see the time coming when CBF is becoming more concerned about who it is rather than "who it isn't." Sorry to hear about BP, had a friend on faculty there years ago. Glad I stumbled onto your blog.

    By Blogger Dr. Danny Chisholm, at Friday, July 14, 2006 12:12:00 AM  

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