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Monday, June 12, 2006

Nothing's changed

Dear Southern Baptists,

You should not be surprised by what Wade Burleson and now Benjamin S. Cole are saying - political maneuvering and selfish undermining have been Paige Patterson and his ilk's calling card since 1979.

The only thing that's changed is now the "Old Guard" is targeting those who survived the moderate purge of the late 1980s and early 90s.

Let me repeat that: the same tactics they're employing now are the same they've used to gain control - only now they use those tactics to keep control.

The ends justify the means in their eyes, but not in mine. Read books like Exiled, talk to those hurt by the struggle - those killed by the struggle.

Whether you and I disagree on the ends of is fine - but to ignore the actions of the last 27 years and just now start condemning the means is dishonest, un-Christian, and hypocritical. Lies, deception, spying, and gossip have no place in Christian life, whether it's 2006 and the IMB or 1992 and Southern Seminary or 1979 in Houston.

Ask how many moderates' microphones were turned off before you rise up to condemn Mr. Burleson's ordeal in New Mexico. Then, maybe you'll come to understand why so many moderates literally couldn't stomach what happened to their convention and decided to leave rather than submit to the uncompromising and conniving "Old Guard".


Someone who tries to understand that missions rather than legalistic doctrine is why Baptists got together in the first place.


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