Moral Contradictions

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The temptation of arrogance

Over at Inspired Thoughts, my sister wrote an excellent post called "How being right can hurt". I encourage you all to read it as she defines the problem I have with arrogance in the church.

One of the biggest lessons I've learned through my faith walk is that the Bible isn't always as clear-cut as we want it to be. Does this weaken the strength of the Bible? No. I believe the Holy Spirit, combined with our free will, to work within us to allow for multiple interpretations depending on our life-walk.

Jillian hits the proverbial nail on the head: Putting one's theology above loving others, not to mention over God Himself, weakens the Body of Christ.

I fear for today's church as arrogance and domination seem to become more accepted in our common theology. Arrogance is not of God - you can come up with your own source of this pervasive yet tolerated malady.


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