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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Lying and Dr. Page

Supporters of SBC President Dr. Frank Page are aghast that attacks from within are being launched against the newly elected President.

Should this surprise them? No.

The dirty and underhanded tactics that Benjamin Cole has written about and that are surfacing now are the same type of attacks that made the "Conservative Resurgence" possible.

It was never about theology or inerrancy - many good folks were hurt or had their lives destroyed through these tactics. The amount of carnage done in the name of "truth" smacks of arrogance and indifference to fellow Christian brothers.

Yet "truth" wasn't the reason - it was control. Deception, character attacks, outright lies, slander, and plain ol' dishonesty were the means for their ends of "truth".

Now, it's still all about control. Before these tactics were employed to rid the convention of "liberals", but now they're used to maintain control.

Yes, the folks that left and formed the CBF did contain some liberals, but many of the moderates and even conservatives that left chafed at the notion that their beloved Convention could be flipped on its head. Adrian Rogers was offered with a plan where the fundamentalists could control 3 of the 6 seminaries, but he denied it because that's not what their goal was. They wanted it all, and they got it all.

Can you blame traditional Baptists for leaving? Are you getting a sense of what they had to put up with? Baseless attacks that were simply not true, or blown out of proportion if it served their needs, were used to rally the "troops" under the guise of "saving the Bible".

How many local churches and other lives have been uprooted and displaced because of these non-Christian tactics?

One day the SBC will reap what is has sown - some of the seeds are already breaking ground, and maybe then the folks that accepted illicit means for a doctrinal end will wake up.


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