Moral Contradictions

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Polar opposites

I'm still undecided on the mixture of patriotism and my faith - yes Judeo-Christian principles played an important role in the founding of our country, although I believe the Enlightenment played a signficant role as well; and yes as a Baptist who understands my roots, I believe the separation of church and state is *gasp!* a good thing.

I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this statue. If it works for those folks, so be it.

The $260,000 price tag does gets to me. (Kind of reminds me how a couple years ago the International Mission Board spent so much money installing a huge globe statue in the lobby among other "renovations" that missionary candidates had to be turned away due to funding shortages.)

However, I can't shake the thought that the opposite would be a statue of Jesus waving an American flag.

Since I know I would be opposed to that (Jesus died for all sinners, He's for all countries, the American flag isn't in the Bible, etc etc etc), I'm thinking that this statue crosses a line.

Again, those folks can do whatever they want - I'm thankful that's over 800 miles away from me.


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