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Monday, July 24, 2006

Why haven't we stopped torturing prisoners?

Oh yeah, the Administration is still bent on using it, despite the fact that it's morally reprehensible and is indistinguishable from the tactics our enemies use. Silly ol' me.

But first, I have a question. If human-rights reports of the horrid conditions at Guantanamo Bay cannot be trusted because the prisoners are taught to lie and exaggerate abuse...

...then why do we still insist of torturing prisoners in hopes of extracting information?

If the prison camp is such a humane place, then why didn't the US allow the UN un-restricted access to check for basic humane conditions? Why?

Because we have something to hide - something that would embarrass us - something your everyday American would be ashamed of. I have not heard of a good reason why I should not assume that.

How again does this all fit within a Biblical and Christian world-view? Oh yeah... you have to ignore certain parts of Scripture to justify our disgraceful, reprehensible, and immoral actions.

So much for the whole 'Turn the other cheek/For God so loved the world' bit. Guess interpreting the Bible through Jesus' words is only applicable when vengeful Old Testament verses cannot be cherry-picked to justify our actions.

Do we need to lock these guys up? Yes. Do we need to torture them? No. Do we need to treat them as human beings? Yes. Do they want to kill us? Yes. Am I angry at them for that? Yes. Does it make me sleep better at night knowing that my tax dollars are going to torture people in the name of national security despite Biblical teachings that allude to the fact that we should accord even our vilest enemies basic human rights? Guess.

Does that make me a wingnut liberal who hates our country, uses strawmen, and doesn't believe the Bible?



  • The EU's investigation also suggests that only about 35-40 of the over 300 prisoners at Guantanemo Bay are probably terrorist fighters who need to be tried. The rest seem to have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time or to have been "turned in" by neighbors for cash the army was paying. But now that they have been imprisoned in gruesome conditions for years, denied contact with the outside world, and, in some cases tortured, yes NOW they probably want to kill us if/when released!

    Folks can join the National Religious Campaign Against Torture here:

    By Blogger Michael Westmoreland-White, at Monday, July 24, 2006 7:32:00 AM  

  • Amen!!!

    By Blogger grandma1, at Tuesday, July 25, 2006 11:32:00 AM  

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