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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

1 in 60,000 Bible Study

Before Kristen and I went to serve at the church of which we are now leaving, we attended the Tabernacle Baptist Church for a few Sundays. It was hard for me to leave as I felt like we were on the verge of being able to step up and get involved. Throughout the past year we would randomly lament "I wish we could go to Tabernacle" as we struggled in an unhealthly church.

The pastor is Kristen's former youth minister and the church held the line during 'white flight' and remained in its downtown location. It came to the brink of death only to resurrect and rediscover its purpose and mission. We fell in love with the church as the worship is intentional, the people are loving, and the church does not shy from its mission obligations to the community. Sterling described the church as "weird", and it is, only because it is unique. A rich heritage combined with incredible potential in an area many suburban churches wouldn't touch fits where Kristen and I are.

Last night we attended the weekly Young Adults Bible Study for the first time, led by the pastor. Wow. I have not been in the same room of peers who were on fire for Christ in a long time. Many churches seem to struggle with how to reach out to young adults, but Tabernacle is willing to figure out how.

It was refreshing to be challenged, to be renewed, to partake in honest discussion, and to learn. Ironically, Kristen and I unknowingly discussed the topic some on our way there. Sterling led us on a journey to help us question the balance of time spent in our comfort zone with like-minded believers versus spending time among those outside the church. We've been craving for accountability and fellowship among folks our age.

I really don't have words for how much I felt like I was at home. Here I was in this church that I only attended for a few Sundays, yet I feel so attached to it.

God has many surprises though, and we got a call just two hours before we left for Bible study from the church I grew up in. I can't say too much other than we have yet another decision to pray about which may steer us temporarily away from Tabernacle yet again.

After Bible study, we chatted with two other couples and the pastor. One couple that's our age just moved here from Alabama and the husband will start at BTSR this fall. The other couple is just a bit older and the husband started at BTSR last year.

Throughout the course of conversation, Sterling asked everyone in the room how long they had been married. We threw out "a year and a half" and another couple said "Oh yeah? Us to. When did you all get married?". We replied December 18, 2004 and everyone's face lit up. All three couples were married on the same day. I don't think I'll ever forget that.

We asked "What are the chances of that happening?" and I figured out that it's roughly 1 in 60,000. I think. But still, how crazy is that?

Guess you had to be there...

Please pray for us as we continue to transition. Please pray for us as we run closer to an increasingly busy year. Please pray for us as we have some tough decisions to make.


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