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Friday, August 04, 2006

The clear teachings of Scripture

I fully subscribe to the fact that I am fallible. I also subscribe to the fact that there are teachings in the Bible that are very clear, while others are not so clear.

I'm also a fan of consistency - I have not been to seminary yet (my application is in!), but all in all, one standard applied to a certain issue should be able to be applied to another issue.

When I read the columns by Dr. Frank Page and Dr. Albert Mohler regarding their changes in beliefs regarding women in ministry, something did not sit well with me.

Today, in Ethics Daily, Daniel Burke gave me the words that expressed my reservation:

I do not doubt that Mohler and Page are earnest in their convictions about women in ministry. But I take issue with their attribution of this stance to what Mohler refers to as "the clear teachings of Scripture." I don't know whether Page would use this language, but he has signaled clear support for the language of the Baptist Faith and Message statement that essentially forces this single interpretation (proscribing women in certain ministry roles) upon all cooperating Southern Baptists.

If indeed this is such a clear teaching of Scripture, how is it that two bright, sincere seminary students diligently considering the matter failed to see it? How could one of them have spent long months researching and analyzing and thinking through the issues, then write a dissertation with such a different conclusion from what he now holds to be the truth?

If it wasn't so clear before, why is it now? Furthermore, why not extend grace to others who believe it is unclear, instead of codifying into a creed and using it as a standard of cooperation? Doing so seems to remove Biblical teachings in favor of unconscious cultural discrimination and masculine insecurity.


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