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Friday, August 18, 2006

Dear Baptist Press, what world do you live in?

To the editors and reporters of Baptist Press quoted in the Ethics Daily article titled "CBF Cries Foul Over Baptist Press Reporting", I'd like to ask a question:

When you call CBF's complaint a "straw-man argument" because Greg Tomlin "actively sought input from the CBF", how can you honestly say that? Mr. Tomlin, you called several SBC professors, and fair reporting seems to require you to call several CBF professors, right? Instead, you only called CBF headquarters and trumpted that fact at the beginning of each article for self-validation.

Will Hall, you allege that if CBF has been misunderstood it's because "t has never desired to help Southern Baptists understand its positions." Really? You honestly believe that the CBF hasn't engaged the SBC, even despite these types of shameful and unchristian attacks? Maybe you should read the page "Truth About CBF".

Mr. Tomlin, you question CBF's reporting of membership churches, yet your Convention seems to get a lot of mileage of always claiming to be the largest Protestant denomination with over 16 million members. Why did the Convention reject calls to accurately count members, which by some estimates would cut the total by two-thirds? Doesn't that action undercut your authority to criticize the CBF's method for counting?

Criticism can be good and can be constructive. Through this blog, criticism also involves self-inspection - that whole "eye-plank" thing. Maybe the SBC should focus on its own problems and leave folks that identify with the CBF alone.

I don't say this to be mean, but I need to be fair, since there's a deficit of that virtue in those articles: Does the lack of solid journalism arise from deficient reporting skills, an agenda of distraction from SBC problems, or the inability to simply process logic and fairness?


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