Moral Contradictions

Sunday, August 27, 2006

"Let's bomb some people"

I was reading an article about how children of GOP leaders are embarrassing their parents, and came across this quote:

AS the leader of the Republican party in the US Senate and a possible presidential candidate, Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee has a reputation for sober rectitude. The same cannot be said of his son Jonathan, a Vanderbilt University student who recently appeared on the internet wearing six cans of beer strapped to his belt.

Nor has Jonathan’s brother Bryan done much to help his father’s attempts to strike a reasonable note about US involvement in Iraq. “I was born an American by God’s amazing grace,” wrote Bryan Frist in an online profile. “Let’s bomb some people.”


Roll Call, the Washington insiders’ newspaper published on Capitol Hill, recently reported that Jonathan Frist’s Facebook entry declared him a member of the “Jonathan Frist appreciation for ‘Waking Up White People’ Group”. It also mentioned a group where there were “No Jews allowed. Just kidding. No seriously”.

So.... these people are the folks courting the Christian vote? You see why I'm uncomfortable whole-heartedly joining that camp?

I'm all for Christians in politics, but I'm talking about true Christianity - not some perverted mix of nationalism, racism, egotism, and jingoism, along with a dose of Bible-thumping.

Count me out.


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