Moral Contradictions

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Today I received word that I am now fully accepted into the M.Div. program at BTSR. I was originally accepted for non-degree status, thus allowing me time to gather my full application this fall to be submitted before the spring semester. I would still be able to take classes for credit, but because of timing, I didn't want to rush references and the church recommendation. (I originally didn't think I would be able to start seminary until next year until after Kristen started, but praise God I was able to start this year).

As a non-degree student, I wouldn't be able to register until after everyone else did, severely limiting my choices for classes. Upon learning that, the admissions folks were great and gave me a window to get my full application in quickly, and I cannot thank them enough.

I even received a merit scholarship, which is awesome and really helps out.

I'm so excited... orientation is Tuesday. Though the past couple weeks were stressful in trying to get paperwork in, it's all done and I can now be focused on just being a student. Woo!


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