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Monday, September 11, 2006

Obligatory 9/11 post

A few weeks after 9/11 my father drove me by the Pentagon on the way to my flight back to school. I'll never forget cresting the hill on I-395 in Arlington as DC spread before us and noticing the blackened hole immediately. A sharp anger welled up inside of me, but took comfort in that we had the world's sympathy and we were looking toward Afghanistan, and daggumit we were going to get Bin Laden.

Never would I have imagined that five years later our country would be mired in an occupation in Iraq, and all of our infrastructure support and country-building were nowhere near Afghanistan. Bin Laden is still alive, being used as a prop to continue justify war, yet efforts to find him have screeched to a halt.

We all knew that life would change after 9/11, but not like this. We were like sheep looking for a shepherd, only now that the shock has worn away, we're wondering why we're not in a different field.

I'm not sure what saddens me more - the events and tragedy of 9/11, or the tragedy that has been the last five years.

No post-invasion plan, unfinished job in Afghanistan and with Bin-Laden, a war with dozens of justifications, continued violence in Iraq after "Mission Accomplished", and the paltry response and sheer negligence to a freaking hurricane.

Here's to hoping this country can get its act together and honor the heroes of that day five years ago without partisan politics or unneccesary destruction.


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