Moral Contradictions

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


My world has been fundamentally altered forever within the last three months, so I beg forgiveness that I have not been able to write here as much as I want to. Not to delve too personally, but I'm dealing with:

  • Starting seminary

  • Changing churches

  • Re-evaluating my current employment

  • Finding personal and marriage time

All while this is going on, I've stumbled across some unexpected feelings dealing with the incredible amount of transition we are undergoing. It was unexpected because, well, I didn't expect it, but reflecting on it I should have. I do not know too many people that can handle all that in a smooth manner.

I anticipate working through it with no problem. I thank God for a strong marriage in which I can honestly communicate what's going on without fear of retribution or rejection. I also thank God for being God and being patient with my rambling prayers as well as being a comforter and peace-giver.

Suffice to say that my head will stop spinning and be on straight at some point, and we'll see if I can give more attention to this little project.

I must say that I am unsure if this is coming at an inconvenient or convenient time with all the happenings in the news. Soon I do want to hash out an opinion on the Virginia constitutional amendment being proposed. This whole Mark Foley deal just upsets me as more details come out about the lack of inaction all around. Additionally, the culture of corruption, lying, and half-truths wears on me, so for once I feel grateful for being allowed to stick my head in the sound and deal with personal issues.

Anyways, thanks for faithfully stopping by even though it has been slow. I always say I hope it picks up, but truthfully I cannot say that for sure. God bless.


    • Nathan,

      As you know, many people will save until the end of a list that which is most important to them. I'm glad to see that your marriage and personal time is critical to you. Not even your call to seminary is more important than your relationship of reconciliation with your spouse. You know this but I'm just wanting to encourage you in your re-assessment of your priorities. You are already bringing an important ministry to the world. Please don't stop blogging unless you find it hindering your relationship at home. We will be okay, though we would miss your insight and perspective.

      You appear to be a passionate man. You are trying SO hard. PLEASE, take care of home and yourself. Let God cradle you and let us all pray for you and love you. We need you, whole. Slow down. The tide really is turning. God really is ahead of us. Sometimes, it's important just to wait and see His back. You are amazing but He is God. Thanks for all that you bring to us.

      By Blogger Tom, at Sunday, October 15, 2006 8:10:00 PM  

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