Moral Contradictions

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Is there any surprise?

I have been saying since I started this blog that evangelical Christians who put their faith in President Bush were simply being used to gain political power. Any objective person who merely glanced at the news in the last six years could see all the talk about how important they were as the "base", yet most of the benefits went to the corporate and military wing of the party. How's that for irony?

I started writing this blog not to attack these Christian conservatives, as I share some of their beliefs. Rather, I wanted to expose my belief that their unquestionable faith (which they're starting to question, finally) in DC was misguided and even idolatrous.

Big Daddy Weave has a great clip from the Keith Olbermann show detailing David Kuo's book called "Tempting Faith", a book that I want to read.

President Bush has let you down - God never will. Remember, there's a difference.


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