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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Response to letter writer

I would send this to the Religious Herald, but it won't be printed in time for the election. Read what prompted me to write this response.

Dear Mr. Coburn,

You are most certainly entitled to your opinion, however I must disagree with your narrow definition of biblical standards. Certainly abortion and homosexuality are important issues in which Christians must engage, but I would be slower than you to assign God and His Holy Word to a specific party.

When I read the Bible, some standards that stand out in addition to the two you identified are:
  • Working against Poverty (Blessed are the meek)
  • Working for justice (Jeremiah, Micah, Gospels, etc)
  • Ending corruption of power (early Israelite Kings...)
  • Preaching against the love of materialism (Gospels)
  • Working for good stewardship of the Earth (Genesis)
Those are just some that quickly come to mind. Issues that face voters Tuesday of which Christians must engage are:
  • Rampant governmental corruption
  • The deficit and its ramifications for our children
  • Hypocrisy by religious leaders
  • Thousands of deaths in an unjust and dubious war
  • The growing gap of the richer getting richer while the poor are, well, in relation, getting poorer
  • Off-shoring off millions of American jobs overseas
  • Lack of health insurance and education opportunities for millions of Americans
  • AIDS and other health issues throughout the world
  • People in our own country unable to pay for energy bills or food
We Christians have a tremendous opportunity to speak to a wide host of issues and work not only for two moral issues, but for a wide range of issues that include deep moral and ethical questions.

The Bible speaks to much more than abortion and homosexuality. Those two issues may seem the most critical to you, but I daresay they are not that important to those who work two jobs to pay for food or health insurance, or those who pray their kids don't get sick so they won't miss work and risk getting fired, or to those who just moved out of homelessness and cannot afford furniture for their new apartment in the projects.

We are called to have the faith of a child, but even a child can see homeless people on the side of the road needing a representative of God to send a loving word and some help.


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